"The Vestibule"
Comic Strip, "Next Door Neighbor" anthology series on Smithmag.net LA Times wrote "Tara Seibel's The Vestibule was the 29th story in the series"
Harvey Pekar portrait, New York Times
New York Times illustration and article entitled
"Last Bits of Splendor" link below,,,
Interview for Emmett Comics
Pekar & Crumb talkin' 'bout art
"The first story is impressive: Tara Seibel illustrates Pekar's chat with good friend (and occasional collaborator) Robert Crumb." -USA Today POP Candy
Featured Panel speaker at Brooklyn Con
Cartoon on Grit TV
This affords the joy of being able to compare, say, Tara Seibel’s surrealist take on Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams with Peter Kuper’s paranoid visualization of Kafka’s fever dreams. ––BOOKLIST
Graphic Cannon Vol 3
mention in the NY Times
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